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Where to Buy Seaweeds for Growing? Great Suppliers of Seaweed Starter Stock (USA)

Where to buy seaweeds for growing

In recent years, seaweed cultivation has grown in popularity leading many people to wonder where to buy seaweeds to start a farm of their own.

Due to the many health benefits and the sustainability of seaweed as a food source, more and more people are interested in cultivating their own seaweed for both personal and commercial uses. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast, or a newcomer looking to venture into the seaweed industry, it’s important to find high-quality starter stock every single season.

Where to Buy Seaweeds: Tips for Choosing a Starter Stock Supplier

Species Suitability

When it comes to looking for a starter stock, it’s important to look at the different species that are available. Each species has a different growth requirement and is also used in different ways. Knowing how you intend to use the seaweed, will help you to determine what species is most suitable for your needs.

Quality and Purity

At the same time, it is also important to make sure that your seaweed starter stock is also of high quality and high purity. You’ll find that most of the providers of seaweed starter stock are either universities or laboratories throughout the United States.


Many providers of seaweed stock in the United States have a limited amount of starter stock available each season. Not only will they require advanced notice before the planting season starts, but they may only be able to deliver to certain regions of the country. Always make sure to check the supplier’s availability before your seeding start date.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Take the time to read the various reviews that you find about the supplier’s reputation through the Internet and in other forms of publication. Making sure that the supplier has a good reputation for providing excellent starter stock is paramount to ensuring a good harvest.

Shipping and Packaging

Keep in mind, that most suppliers only deliver to certain regions of the country, as there is a need to ensure that the starter stock arrives fresh and undamaged. Make sure that your provider uses shipping and packaging options that ensures that your starter stock arrives ready to be planted.

Where to buy seaweeds starter stock from

Where to Buy Seaweeds: US-Based Suppliers

Alaska Ocean Farms Hatchery


When it comes to where to buy seaweeds, Alaska Ocean Farms Hatchery is one of the largest providers of seaweed starter stock in Alaska. They offer a large selection including Dragon kelp, Dulse, giant kelp, ribbon kelp, sugar, and bull kelp. For research and development purposes, you may also be able to purchase various varieties of brown kelp when available. Please make sure that you reach out to them by June to reserve your starter stock.

Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute


Like many suppliers of seaweed starter stock, the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute is a well-known laboratory for providing high-quality stocks of sugar, bull, and ribbon kelp. Supplies are limited to only Alaskan residents, and orders must be placed in June for October deliveries.

Fisherman Fresh


If you are looking for an excellent supplier of bull kelp, ribbon kelp, seatbelts, or dulse, then look no further than Fisherman Fresh. To plant in October through December, make sure you place your order by August of each year.

Prince William Sound Science Center Mariculture Hatchery


The Prince William Sound Science Center and Mariculture Hatchery is a popular choice for those looking to farm ribbon, bull, and sugar varieties. Unlike the other providers in this list, you can place your orders at any time between June and July, and have your starter stock delivered by September of each year.

Cal Poly Humboldt

Website: Contact the University directly

In California, you can plant and harvest kelp virtually year-round, which is why Cal Poly Humboldt as it only requires a 3-month advance notice for plantain bull, dulse, ribbon, and sea lettuce. If you are looking for the best place where to buy seaweeds, you will need to reach out to the University directly and speak to their mariculture department.

Acquiring seaweed starters

Monterey Bay Seaweeds


Monterey Bay Seaweeds provides seed stock of about 3 cm in length for giant kelp, bull kelp, and ribbon year-round. As long as you can place your orders at least 3 months in advance, you can order just about as much seaweed starter stock as you can afford, with the caveat that you will not be able to get seed strings or spools.

Holdfast Aquaculture , LLC


Holdfast Aquaculture is an excellent source for bull kelp and giant kelp species. They are also capable of providing starter stocks for a wide variety of other species, but you will need to reach out to them directly for specialty orders. Unlike other providers, you will only need to place your order 2 months in advance to avail their services.



GreenWave is one of the largest providers of seaweed stock throughout the United States. They have locations in multiple states and can start taking orders for sugar kelp as early as July with delivery times around October. However keep in mind that if you purchase GreenWave, you will need to purchase at least 400 feet of starter stock.

Atlantic Sea Farms Seaweed


If you are looking for different species, then look no further than Atlantic Sea Farms Seaweed, as they can provide a wide selection of starter stock that is not available through other suppliers. Not only do they offer traditional sugar and ribbon kelp, but they also provide skinny kelp and oarweed as well. Keep in mind that they cannot provide you with anything less than 200 feet or more than 200,000 feet of starter stock.

Ocean’s Balance


Ocean’s Balance is a popular choice for those wondering is the best place where to buy seaweeds on the East Coast. They offer both skinny kelp and sugar kelp for purchase in July through September, with pickup available in November or December. Unlike many other providers, although they offer delivery they prefer that you pick up the starter stock yourself.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)


The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is another popular destination for those looking for high-quality seaweed starter stocks. You’ll need to place your orders at least 3 months in advance to ensure they can be delivered on your preferred seating date.

Hart Lobsters

Website: None. Phone or Visit their store in NY 11796

Don’t let their name fool you, Hart Lobsters is an excellent choice for those wondering is the best place where to buy seaweeds like sugar kelp. The company will start taking orders for the planting season in September, and offer delivery as early as November. Please remember that they operate on a first-come first-served business so the earlier you place your order, the better.