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How to Make SEA MOSS Gummies at Home

how to make sea moss gummies at home

Reap the benefits of seamoss the fun way with sea moss gummies! We explain how to make sea moss gummies easily at home, plus tips for flavoring and storing your homemade gummy health treats.

Sea moss has grown in popularity over the last few years, due to the many nutritional benefits associated with its regular consumption. And, although it may not seem to be a difficult task to incorporate this superfood into your daily diet, many people are finding it hard to ensure they consume it with regularity.

As a result, health enthusiasts have looked into creating Sea moss gummies as a creative and flavorful way of including this superfood in your daily regimen. But, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to purchase them in the store, because you can create the gummies from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we explain step-by-step how to make sea moss gummies at home, using sea moss and common tools in your kitchen.

Why Make Sea Moss Gummies?

There are several different reasons to make your sea moss gummies, including convenience, taste, easy dosage, and versatility.

5 Excellent Reasons for Learning How to Make Sea Moss Gummies


Without a question, consuming your sea moss every single day in the form of a gummy is the easiest way to include it in your daily routine without the hassle of having to mix it in with a dish or drink. These gummies are portable and are perfect for those who are living an active and busy lifestyle who simply do not have the time to prepare elaborate meals.


Many people simply do not like the taste or texture of sea moss. While the many benefits associated with sea moss make it a superfood, the texture and taste of the riparian flora can be overwhelming for some. By adding some natural sweeteners, and various flavors, you can make the sea moss more palatable. Further, in gummy form, you can simply swallow it after a few bites.

Easy Dosage

When consuming Sea moss in gummy form, you have more control over the dosage. Since each gummy will contain a predetermined amount of the superfood, you will be able to manage your daily intake easier. This will allow you to ensure consistency when reaping the many health benefits of daily sea moss consumption.


Gummies are also very versatile. Regardless of whether you are at work, home, or simply on the go, taking a sea moss gummy with you ensures that you can maintain your nutrient intake regardless of your current location. Simply pull a gummy out of your bag, and enjoy the many health benefits of sea moss on the go.

Save Money

Many health supplements are overpriced for what you get. Learning how to make sea moss gummies at home may be greatly cheaper than buying them, depending on where you source your sea moss from. If you grow your own sea moss at home, it’s even cheaper to make.

agar agar gelatin from seaweed can be used for sea moss gummies
Regular gelatin, or vegan-friendly agar agar gelatin from seaweed, can both be used to make sea moss gummies.

How to Make Sea Moss Gummies

Ingredients and Tools for Making Sea Moss Gummies

When choosing to make your sea moss gummies, you’ll need several important ingredients and tools to create the final product.


  • 3 tbsp. Sea moss Gel
  • 2 tbsp. Agar-Agar or Gelatin*
  • 1 cup Fruit Juice
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Flavorings (Optional)


  • Saucepan
  • Whisk or Spoon
  • Gummy Molds
  • Dropper or Funnel
  • Refrigerator

Can you use agar-agar jelly from seaweed, instead of gelatin?

You can use store-bought gelatin, as well as agar-agar to create the gummies. Agar-agar is a vegan alternative to gelatin, and is kind of like gelatin from seaweed. Normal gelatin is not vegan-friendly since it is made from animal byproducts (pig, cow). While agar-agar is not exactly like gelatin, in that gelatin consists of protein whereas agar-agar is mostly fiber, it behaves much like gelatin and can be used to make vegan-friendly gummies and jelly from seaweed. You can find agar-agar in most supermarkets.

Throughout this recipe, where gelatin is mentioned, you can replace it with agar-agar if you prefer.

How to Make Sea Moss Gummies – Method

Once you have all of your ingredients and tools on hand, it is time to get started with producing your very own sea moss gummies.

Step 1: Prepare the Sea Moss Gel

Before you can create the gummies, you’ll need to make sure that you have sea moss gel. Don’t worry if you cannot find it at the local grocery store, because you can make your own at home with ease. Sea moss gel starts by washing the sea moss and soaking it in water. The mixture will then need to simmer until it achieves a gel-like consistency.

Check out our full instructions for making sea moss gel from fresh and dried seamoss here.

Step 2: Rest & Cool the Sea Moss Gel

If you just created your sea moss gel, you’ll need to give it time to properly gel and cool down before you can use it. Leave it overnight, up to 24 hours, to rest in a cool place. If you are using seamoss gel that was created previously, you will also need to give it time to reach room temperature before it can be used.

Once you have prepared, rested and brought your Sea moss gel to room temperature, it is time to begin making the gummies.

Step 3: Combine Ingredients

Start with a saucepan over low heat, and slowly warm up your fruit juice while adding in the sea moss gel and gelatin.

Carefully stir the mixture until everything is completely dissolved in the saucepan. A good rule of thumb is to use 3 tablespoons of sea moss gel to 2 tablespoons of gelatin for every cup of fruit juice or other liquid.

how to make sea moss gummies with unique flavors
Popular flavors for sea moss gummies include berry, citrus and even spices.

Step 4: Add Sweeteners and Flavorings

Once the ingredients have liquefied, you can begin to incorporate flavoring and natural sweeteners. Be careful, because the liquid gelatin is extremely hot. Carefully adjust the quantity of your flavorings and sweeteners until you achieve the desired taste. Make sure to thoroughly stir in the flavorings and sweetener so they are distributed evenly throughout the liquid.

Step 5: Heat Gently

Continue to mix the ingredients on a low heat, being careful not to let the liquid boil. You need to make sure that all of your flavorings, seaweed, gelatin, and sweeteners are thoroughly combined before you remove the mixture from the heat. Remember, just like making any form of Jell-O, the gelatin will begin to set and take shape as soon as you remove it from the heat source.

Step 6: Transfer to Mold

Before you start filling your molds, dust them with a light coating of cornstarch or coconut flour, to prevent it sticking. Alternatively, use silicon molds, which are non-stick by nature and will be easy to release due to their flexibility.

With the help of either a dropper or a funnel, transfer into your gummy molds. Remember, you will need to work quickly to fill up your molds with all of the liquid before it sets up. The gelatin or agar-agar will begin to solidify as soon it starts to cool down.

Step 7: Allow to Set

Once you have filled up your molds, you can transfer them to the refrigerator and give them time to fully set. The gelatin will take roughly 2 to 4 hours to completely set, although, depending on the type of gelatin or agar-agar used, it may firm up faster.

Step 8: Remove from Molds

After the gelatin has fully set, carefully remove it from the molds. In some cases, the gummy will stick to the mold, and to prevent this from occurring, always make sure to lightly dust your molds with either cornstarch or coconut flour before you fill it.

How to Make Flavored Sea Moss Gummies

To achieve the best flavor possible, it’s important to always experiment until you achieve something easy to replicate and tastes amazing.

How to Make Sea Moss Gummies with Unique Flavors – Tips & Ideas

Experiment with Flavors

Play around with different natural flavorings, such as berry, citrus, or other flavor extracts. You may even find that adding a hint of spice can create amazing results. A great place to start is by looking at different smoothie and iced tea flavor combinations.

While sea moss gummies are obviously not a tea or smoothie, the flavors used in these drinks are often similar to flavors that will work well in gummies. For instance, strawberry and mint, or green tea and lime, or lemongrass and ginger.

Remember, sea moss naturally has a sea-water or slightly fishy flavor, so using strong, earthy flavors that compliment or mask this flavor is a great idea if you don’t like the natural taste. Chocolate extract and coffee extract are strong, earthy flavors that can help mask undesirable aromas and flavors.

Important: Do not use pineapple juice or pieces with gelatin; it will not set.

Balancing Sweetness

You may also want to adjust the level of sweetness. This can be done in several different ways including increasing the amount of sweetener added, or using different forms of sweeteners. Remember, that the Sea moss itself will always have a briny taste, so the key is to find the right amount of sweetness to balance that briny flavor.

Texture Enhancements

You may even want to add some form of texture-enhancing ingredients to your gummies. Popular ways of improving the texture of the gummies are to include things like shredded coconut, chopped nuts, or nutrient-rich chia seeds.

Layered Gummies

For an amazing experience, you can even try to create layered gummies. To create a layered gummy, you will need two different molds of similar shapes but different sizes. Start by mixing up one flavor of gummy in the smaller mold, and allow it to set. Then you can mix up a second flavor of gummy, and pour it into the larger mold, inserting the previously made smaller gummies inside.

sea moss dosage when using seaweed gelatin gummy
Sea moss and seaweed gelatin gummies may be fun, but do not exceed the recommend dosage.

How to Use Sea Moss Gummies

How to Store Your Home Made Sea Moss Gummies

To ensure that your sea moss gummies last as long as possible, is important to make sure that you properly refrigerate them, keep them out of direct sunlight, and consume them within a reasonable period.


Since the Sea moss gummies are made of gelatin, you’ll need to keep them in a closed container in a cool location. The cold temperatures of a refrigerator will help the gummies to maintain their shape and reduce the possibility of spoilage.

Avoid Heat Exposure

Keep them away from any form of direct sunlight or heat. If you choose to bring them with you on the go, make sure to keep them in a cooler as the higher temperatures can cause them to soften or even melt completely.

Use within the Time Frame

You will also want to consume the sea moss gummies in a reasonable amount of time, as they will eventually spoil and lose their potency. As a result, it is usually best to make no more than one week’s supply at a time. If you notice any off smell or changes in the color, toss the gummies out and make a new batch.

Airtight Packaging

Your Sea moss gummies will last longer, if they are capped and airtight packaging. For best results, consider using vacuum sealing as this will prevent them from being exposed to any form of air. However, plastic storage containers like Tupperware, that is capable of creating an airtight seal can also be used.

How to Make Use Of Your Sea Moss Gummies

Suggested Dosage

Now that you have created your very own sea moss gummies, it’s time to look into incorporating them into your daily routine to achieve maximum health benefits.

The recommended dosage of sea moss can vary from one person to the next. The amount of sea moss consumed each day will depend upon your individual health goals and the concentration of the actual sea moss in each gummy.

If you are just starting, you may want to begin with only a small amount of sea moss each day and limit yourself to no more than two gummies. Once you are comfortable with taking the gummies daily, you can slowly increase them as needed. However, always make sure to seek out the advice of a healthcare professional who can help you decide just how much Sea moss you can safely consume each day.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to make sea moss gummies at home. By making your own sea moss gummies, you can save money and control the flavors yourself, plus also get that warm and fuzzy feeling from having made something yourself. For more ideas for consuming sea moss, check out these articles:

Happy seaweeding!