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Hey from the Seaweeding Algae & Seaweed Growing Team!

Thanks for your interest in Seaweeding Algae & Seaweed Growing. At Seaweeding we love to share awesome guides on how to grow seaweed at home and tips for growing and farming algae, with anyone interested in cultivating and harvesting their own supply of seaweed for food and health. Whether you’re looking to learn how to grow algae in a small aquarium in the kids room or on a self-sufficient farm in a disused swimming pool, we are here to serve!


We welcome you to contact us regarding any questions, concerns or feedback. We also invite any corrections and suggestions for future articles. You can contact the Seaweeding team via the contact form below. Please understand that we do run a skeleton crew here at Seaweeding so we might not respond straight away, but we will try our best to get back to you when we can.

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